Dual training system is a learning technology combined with the production of theory.

The expected results of introducing the dual learning system into the learning process:

– The gap between theoretical and practical training is eliminated;

– The issue of employment of graduates will be resolved positively;

– The educational institution constantly takes into account the employer’s requirements for future specialists;

– Employers participate in the development of qualification requirements for trainees in accordance with the requirements of production, the development of professional standards, modular training programmes in the dual system of training and internships for teachers of special subjects and masters of production training.

Increasing demand on the labour market with the acquisition of professional knowledge, skills and abilities required for dual system training;

The main objective of the dual system of training is to improve the training of workers who are ready to master new innovation and technology programmes in cooperation with employers, production and private sector economic institutions.

In our educational institution the dual system of education began with 2014-2015 academic year. The first began work in the group on a specialty 15080000- «Forestry, garden and landscape construction» was the first experiment of the student on this system: At present, the dual system is implemented by the other 10 specialists.

If in 2018-2019 academic year on ten specialties were trained 371 students, 31 of which graduated, 19 transferred to another educational institution and dropped out of the number of students, in 2019-2020 academic year to the previous four groups joined 100 students.

Currently, there are 20 groups of 471 students in 11 fields of study under the dual system.


Number of learners and social partners in dual training

р/сКәсіпорындар атауыСтуденттер саныБарлығыМТ бойынша 

9 кл


11 кл

1Республикалық фито-санитарлықдиогностика-әдістемелік орталық45454545
2Дендрологиялық саябақ50505050
3«ЯНС» ЖШС50505050
4«Қуат строй» ТОО, Рим -строй сервис ЖШС41414141
5«Гранд Береке» ЖШС,4646462521
6«Глобус плюс» ЖШС44444444
7» Сайрам сут» ЖШС25252525
8«Оңтүстікқабылдау» ЖШС5050502525
10«Ордабасықұс» ЖШС25252525