Specialty: 1224000 – «Dairy production«

Qualification: – «Technician-technologist»

The individual shall be able to:

– milk and dairy products technology;

– theoretical basis of processes;

– basics of market economy, management, marketing;

– rules of sanitation, industrial safety;

– equipment and its operation rules;

– determination of technical properties of raw materials and products;

– defining the quality of the regulatory process;

– ensuring minimum costs for the production of high quality products;

– the implementation of all types of control in the dairy production;

– operational accounting and reporting;

– ensuring compliance with labor safety requirements ;

– selection of the financial status of production.

The objects of activity of the technician-technologist include documentation service, personal area of work and service as an inspector of the ML service.

Types of professional activity:

– production and technological works;

– production and management work


Specialty: 0508000 – «Food organization»

Qualification: 0508012 – «Cook»


The individual shall be able to:

– order, decrees, resolutions and other governing and regulatory documents relating to catering;

– assortment dishes and culinary products and their requirements;

– sanitary and hygienic, technological requirements, recipes of dishes and culinary products;

– basics of rational and dietary nutrition;

– menu order;

– rules of accounting and norms of product delivery;

– calculation of dishes and culinary products;

– standards and TU for production goods, raw materials and semi-finished products;

– rules and terms of storage of finished goods, raw materials and semi-finished products;

– types, rules of work, technical characteristics and conditions of application of technological equipment;

– requirements to production facilities, equipment, inventory and containers, etc.;

– inner order rules;

– labor protection rules and norms.

Objects of professional activity: restaurants, cafes, canteens, specialized enterprises, food processing plants.

Types of professional activity of technician-technologist include: cook, chef.


Specialty: 0601000 – «Metrology, standardization and certification»

Standardization Technologist is being trained as a specialist who knows the important principles and methods of standardizing and managing the quality of agricultural products, their activities and work, the activities of the state standardization system and the regulatory and technical foundations of international standardization.

Must know the basic provisions and articles of the Law «On standardization and certification», standard documents, principles and methods of development of state standards and specifications for objects and activities subject to standardization, structure and functions of the state management of standardization and control, principles of quality assurance.

The standardization technologist controls livestock products, raw materials, goods processing, technical processes of veterinary service.

Along with a state diploma, he gets as a laboratory toxicologist.


Specialty: 1502000 – «Agronomy»

An agronomist with secondary special education is prepared to work in peasant farms, cooperatives, joint-stock companies, agro-industrial associations, agricultural enterprises as the main executor of crop production based on advanced technologies.

He masters the creation of crop rotations, basic laws of agriculture, soil composition, technology cultivation of crops, the effective use of basic cultivation depending on the state of the region. Controls the implementation of the Law «On Land».

The agronomist, as a professional specialist, may work in the following positions: in a peasant’s farm, chairman of a cooperative or agronomist, master the effective use of cultivation technology of different crops, depending on the conditions of the region. Supervises the implementation of the Law “On Land”.

As a professional specialist, an agronomist may work in the following positions: in a peasant farm, chairman of a cooperative or an agronomist, manager of brigades for growing various crops, agronomist, management specialist of departments engaged in rental contract and agricultural calculation, as well as in an industry may work in accordance with his specialization.

Provides ways to protect plants from weeds, diseases, pests. It is also necessary to know the processing and storage of agricultural products, work on agricultural machines, environmental protection. Along with the state diploma, he gets the specialty of a tractor driver.


Specialty: 1510000- «Mechanization of Agriculture»


mastering the management competence formed in the course of the full educational process in accordance with the specialist’s qualification level:

Compliance with the rules of conduct between themselves and communication, etiquette of business communication;

Planning his activity and performing specific tactical tasks taking into account strategic tasks;

Independent search for sources of information, solving practical tasks on the basis of their experienced knowledge;

Participation in making collective decisions on the choice of optimal ways of work;

Selection of rational ways and means of activity realization;

Work taking into account individual abilities of subordinates.

As a result of mastering the educational curriculum, a top-level specialist is obliged:

Mastery of special competence formed in the process of full educational process in accordance with the level of qualification of a specialist:

Implementation of an effective way of mechanization of production processes with the choice of intensive ways of technological complexes;

Control over execution of assigned works with observance of professional and general technological requirements.

Organization of operation of plants and equipment in accordance with technical requirements and compliance with the maintenance schedule;

«Mechanical Technician»:

Management of workers’ work;

Control over compliance with safety and sanitary norms;

Creation of conditions for workers’ professional development;

Control over implementation and processing of non-standard means;

Execution of quality control of performed works;

Introduction of new installations and stands into production.


Specialty: 0902000 – «Power supply»

The state compulsory education standard ensures the level of training students in secondary vocational educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the specialty and the equivalence of quality requirements.

Electrical equipment and electrical installations; device of electric wires and overhead lines; cable line device; switchgears and transformer substations; power supply devices; electric motors of direct current; current transducers; control and protection equipment in electrical installations up to 1000 V; basics of installation of electrical equipment; general questions about the care of electrical installations; care for electrical installations for industrial use; care for electrical installations for special purposes; electrical repair.

Must know the design features, operating principles and technical characteristics of machines, mechanisms and electrical apparatus, overhead lines, methods and techniques of processing fabrics and parts, the device and sequence of operation of electrical installations, technical requirements of the factory and local instructions for the operation of machines and mechanisms, electrical apparatus, the order of installation of electrical equipment, the purpose and rules for using of measuring tools and devices, instructions for measures of industrial sanitation, fire and internal routines, rules for the economical consuption and use of materials and tools

Installation and disassembly, grounding of overhead lines, telephone lines, maintenance and repair of relay and cable lines; repair and installation of AC and DC electric motors, hydroscopic devices.

General requirements to the level of professional education of a graduate:

Master of industrial training, agricultural technician;

– possess the basics of social and socio-economic sciences, be able to apply the knowledge and methods of these sciences in professional and other activities


Specialty: 1514000 – «Ecology and rational use of natural resources»

On a speciality 1514000 – » Rational use of resources in the field of ecology and subsoil use ” the following qualification of the educational program of vocational and technical education is carried out.

– Industry, environmental features of the main branches of agriculture, environmental problems in enterprises and ways to solve them

– Environmental pollution assessment in specific geological conditions.

– Justification of types of engineering structures and their impact on environment, domestic and industrial wastes;

– Conducting analysis of anthropogenic land disturbances;

– Identification of the most widespread minerals and rocks.

– Processing of hydrological, engineering-geological, radiological and ecological observations results;

– Is able to work in scientific departments, state and non-state institutions, various commercial structures, as a specialist «ecologist» who knows the types of responsibility for environmental violations.

The specialist additionally possesses one of the specialties «Laboratory Analyst of Chemical Analysis», «Laboratory Analyst of Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis», «Laboratory Microbiologist», «Laboratory Analyst of Spectrum Analysis», «Radiometrist – Laboratory Technician».


Specialty: 1503000 – «Crop production«

1503000 – Crop production «on speciality» the worker, the expert of average and peasant economy, in production co-operatives, associations of agroindustrial, the basic technologies of proyzvodstvo of plant production in the agricultural enterprises on the basis of the forced training are prepared for work as the executive employee.

Foodstuffs for application of plants as planting care, as a foodstuff, and with a view of reception of raw materials for proizvodstva scenery. Field crops, varieties, hybrids and forms of research, field crops, biology and cultivation features that provide high productivity and advanced research methods.

The specialist will work as a professional plant breeder in the following positions: seed soaking line operator in the agro-industrial complex; seed dressing line operator; rice grower, tobacco grower, floriculturist, chiropractor, mushroom grower, etheromaniacalist, and seminary specialist, and can also work in their specialty.

Crop production of grain crops, vegetable crops, forestation, planting seeds, skills in working with equipment, work with the use of disinfectants, the use of chemical and biological preparations, preparing the soil for planting and sowing, preparation of fertilizers in the soil, cultivation and care of planting crops, planting material, planting, protection of plants from pests en route. And also know the processing and storage of agricultural products, work on agricultural machinery, environmental protection.


Special: 12370000- «Fruits and vegetables, processing, storage»

12370000-«Fruit and Vegetables, Processing, Storage and Specialty» vocational and technical education program is carried out at the following qualification levels.

Advanced equipment of technological chains for processing and storage of products. Commodity normative and technical documents, requirements to the quality of products, corresponding standards:

-like modern refrigerators of the workshop for processing and storage of products, technological equipment, rules of operation and regulation of control and measuring devices, automation means and quotations:

-Technochemical and microbiological control, basic methods, fruits and vegetables, transportation, storage, packing and modern approaches:

-management in market, production and economic conditions:

-Experience of advanced domestic and foreign scientific organizations of work in terms of storage and processing of fruits and vegetables:

-Rules and norms of labour protection:

-shop methods of analysis of economic activity of the enterprise.

-norms of consumption of materials, sources of information for analysis.

-Technical process of storage of fruits and vegetables in accordance with the technological documentation:

-process of development of new types of products.

You have to be able to:

– Carry out technological processes of storing and processing fruits and vegetables,

-Prompt identification and elimination of the causes of technological process disruptions,

– ensuring the quality of finished products, evaluation and sale of agricultural products of perishable fruits and vegetables:

-fruits, vegetables, plants calculation and accounting of production costs and finished additional materials:

-product storage and processing equipment -products correct operation of the equipment:

-New technologies, participation in introduction of the advanced methods of the labour organization.


Specialty: 1220000- «Production of canned food and food concentrates»

The state mandatory standard of education in the specialty, level and quality of training of students in educational institutions of secondary vocational education in the Republic of Kazakhstan provides the requirements of equivalence.

1222000 – «Production of canned food and food concentrates» the following qualification programs are implemented at the level of professional and technical education on specialty7

122202 2 – Varky’s machine:

122205 2 – draining and filling machine operator:

122207 3 – technician-technologist:

Competences of the working profession by speciality:

– Raw materials, products, serous products in barrels of fire, gas and electric stoves or steam-heated boilers;

– Development of cooking process technology for various food products and raw materials;

Use of raw materials and quality control of finished products;

– Labor safety rules and regulations;

– regulation of automatic fillers;

-Ratio of components, products and canned food for filling and storage in accordance with proportional forms of accessory;

– sanitization of equipment;\.

-providing effective use of technological equipment;

Technicians-objects of professional activity of the technologist are:

-mat base, registration of the normative and technological documentation;

-main types of products, application of requirements of Art..;

-Documentation for the quality system; -application.

-producing simple microbiological research and evaluation of the results obtained;

-use of knowledge about processes with participation in production of food concentrates and canned microorganism;

– regulation of technological processes, regulation of technological parameters for control and operation of measuring instruments;

– new technologies, participation in the implementation of advanced methods of work organization, it is necessary.


Specialty: 1226000 – «technology and organization of industrial production of food enterprises»

The objects of the lab technician’s professional activity are:

– general methods adopted for food products, culinary products and semi-finished products, research

-Expertise the receipt of the products of these institutions, which distribute the food industry.

For a vegetable brusher the objects of professional activity are:

-shred cabbage, pickles and other pickles;

-the rules of cabbage fermentation;

-methods of control and salting of cabbage fermentation.

The objects of the technologist’s professional activity are: – cabbage shredding, pickles and others; – cabbage fermentation rules; – cabbage control and salting methods:

-technical process of processing of raw materials; in cold, first, second and sweet dishes, culinary and confectionery products, flour and cold dishes of a diet food; registration and dispatch of a finished dish, rules; requirements to quality of finished dishes.

Preparation and organization of workplaces; organization of work, production, technological equipment, general rules of safe work; health and safety at food enterprises;

– Raw materials, semi-products and finished products quality control methods and techniques;

– The basic functions of management, methods of decision-making, personnel management, incentives, material and spiritually.

Technician-objects of professional activity of the technologist are:

-technical process of processing of raw materials; cold, first, second and sweet dishes, brine, flour culinary and confectionery products, technology of preparation of cold and hot drinks; medical-prophylactic and dietary nutrition of dishes; registration of finished dishes and rules; requirements to quality of finished dishes.

-service in various types of catering enterprises; preparation of trading premises for service; organization of banquets and receptions, customer service, service of banquets and receptions; service of foreign tourists; organization of service of special types of service.

Service of different types of bars; work organization; technology of cocktails and mixed drinks, design and presentation, quality requirements.