1.1 These rules of admission to training in Turkistan higher agrarian  college,  implementing educational programs of technical and vocational education under the state license for educational activities АА №009897, establish the procedure for admission in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan» on education » from July 27, 2007y. with the standard rules of admission to educational organizations implementing educational programs of technical and vocational education, approved by order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from October 18, 2018 y. № 578, the standard of the state service «documents acceptance in the organization of technical and professional and postgraduate education», approved by order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from April 14, 2015 № 200, a resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from February 28, 2012 № 264 approval of quota of admission to educational organizations that implement educational programs of technical and professional, postgraduate and higher professional education.

1.2 For the reception of documents from entering the college, the entrance exams and the competition for enrollment in students organized by the admission committee

1.3 The main task of the selection committee is to defend the rights of citizens to education, transparency and openness of all admission procedures, an objective assessment of the abilities of students, the formation of a new set of students in all forms of education.

1.4 The citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons with basic secondary, general secondary, technical and professional, post-secondary education are admitted to the IT college.

1.5 The admission quota for persons defined by paragraph 8 of article 26 of the Law on Education and approved by the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 28, 2012 y. № 264 «on approval of the admission quota for admission to education organizations implementing professional educational training programs of technical and professional, post-secondary and higher education» is provided for:

1) citizens from among disabled people of I, II groups, disabled since childhood, disabled children-1 percent;

2) the persons equated on privileges and guarantees to participants and disabled people of the great Patriotic war-0,5 percent;

3) citizens from among rural youth on training on the educational programs defining social and economic development of the village-30 percent;

4) persons of Kazakh nationality who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan-2 percent;

5) orphans and children left without parental care, as well as citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan from among young people who has lost or remained without parental care until adulthood-1 percent;

6) citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan from among rural youth moving to the regions determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

The procedure for creation and approval of the selection committee

2.1 In educational organizations, for the acceptance of applications for training, for the period of entrance examinations and enrollment in students no later than June 1, an admission committee is created by order of the head of educational organization.

2.2 The composition of the selection committee includes representatives of interested state bodies, local representative and executive bodies, employers, public organizations. The chairman shall be elected by a majority vote of the members of the competitive commission.

2.3 The work of the selection committee and office work, as well as the reception of applicants and their parents is organized by the technical Secretary.

The technical Secretary is appointed annually by the head of the College.

The technical Secretary:

  • carries out the General coordination of work of the selection Committee and makes the plan of work of the selection Committee;
  • organize the work of admissions, prepares draft documents regarding its work and materials for the meetings of the selection Committee, organizes work on preparation of information materials, forms, required documentation, registration of reference materials, storage of documents the admission Commission;
  • within the framework of career guidance work provides information materials of the college (booklets, videos), schedule of open days, master classes for students in order to organize a centralized system of career guidance;
  • organizes e-sports and chess tournaments among schoolchildren of the city, with the allocation of Director’s grants for prizes;
  • controls the correctness of paperwork of incoming documents and a daily report on admission;
  • make an application to the national testing center for the preparation of materials/books-questionnaires for entrance testing;
  • resolves disputes and conflicts, conducts interviews with applicants and their parents;
  • a representative of the socio-psychological service may be involved in conducting interviews and socio-psychological studies to study the contingent of applicants;
  • coordinates the work on the entrance examinations and interviews with applicants, provides the head of the College reporting documentation on the results of the admission campaign;
  • making a decision on admission of applicants to the entrance exams.

2.5. The term of office of the selection committee is one calendar year. To ensure the work of the selection committee, prior to the acceptance of documents by the order of the head of the college, technical filers from among the employees are approved.

2.4 The form of passing entrance exams is established by the organization of education.

2.5 Persons enrolled in education organizations, for which the quota of admission is provided, shall submit documents confirming the category.

Organization of the selection committee

3.1 The organization of work of the selection committee and office work shall ensure observance of the rights of the person and performance of the state requirements to reception in college.

3.2 Decisions of the selection committee are made out by protocols which are signed by the chairman and the technical secretary of the selection committee;

3.3 The selection committee carries out work on professional orientation of youth, the edition and distribution of the various information materials characterizing a profile of educational institution. Technical filer of the selection committee shall carry out:

  • acceptance of documents, their registration and storage, the conversation at the reception;
  • referral, if necessary, for medical examination in order to determine the state of health of applicants, taking into account the specifics of future professional activity in the chosen specialty;
  • informing the head of the college about the number of applications for each specialty and form of education, the total number of places for admission to each specialty on the basis of the state educational order and contract basis, analysis and summarizing the results of admission;
  • to familiarize students with the terms for submission and consideration of appeals by results of entrance exams, entrance examination results, the samples of contracts on rendering paid educational services, with the peculiarities of admission for persons educated in other States, international or foreign educational institutions (their branches) created in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • organization of preparatory courses on subjects submitted for comprehensive testing in the specialty;
  • analysis and summarizing the results of the reception.

3.4 The schedule of the admission committee from Monday to Saturday inclusive, except for weekends and holidays, according to the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with the established schedule of the college from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 18.30, with a lunch break from 13:00 to 14:30 hours.

The procedure for accepting documents from applicants to college

4.1 Acceptance of applications of persons for training in college is carried out in accordance with the model rules of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 18, 2018 № 578;

4.2 Documents from the applicant are accepted on the basis of the application and are registered in the journal of the established form according to the forms of training, separately by specialties.

4.3 Arriving the receipt of the established form about acceptance of documents are issued, on each arriving the personal file in which documents and materials of delivery of entrance testing are stored is got.

4.4 Since August 1 of the current year after registration of documents the admission committee notifies about the admission arriving to entrance examinations.

The procedure for organizing the work of admission commissions

5.1 For the organization and carrying out entrance examinations the chairman of the selection committee approves structure of the appeal commission which structure are formed from among the most skilled, qualified pedagogical workers of college on the tested subjects. The powers and procedure of the appeals commission are determined by the regulation on it, approved by the director of the college.

5.2 The schedule of complex / entrance testing is approved by the chairman of the selection committee and brought to the attention of applicants. Exam materials are ordered annually and stored in a safe as a document of strict accountability.

5.3 Entrance examinations for applicants for training in educational programs of technical and vocational education, providing for the training of skilled workers are held in the form of an interview. Audio-video recording is made during entrance exams and interviews. The selection committee conducts a personal interview with applicants in the relevant areas, with each applicant conducting an interview for no more than 20 minutes. The list of questions for the interview is approved by the chairman of the selection committee.

5.4 The presence of entrance examinations unauthorized persons (including inspection securities) are not allowed.

5.5 The entrance examinations in college are conducted in Kazakh or Russian languages according to the applications of applicants, in the form of testing;

5.6 Applicants are admitted to the classroom, where the comprehensive test is carried out, upon presentation of an identity card/birth certificate strictly in accordance with the list of the examination group. At the complex testing, a calm and friendly atmosphere should be provided, and the applicants should be given the opportunity to fully demonstrate the level of their knowledge and skills.

5.7 Persons who did not appear for comprehensive testing for a good reason (illness or other circumstances, documented), are allowed to them in parallel groups;

When conducting the entrance exams in the form of testing, the number of test tasks (questions) for each subject is 25, the correct answer to each test task is estimated by  point 1.

5.8 The following norms of study time (in academic hours) are allocated for entrance examinations: 1 hour 30 minutes is allocated for complex testing in two subjects, 2 hours 15 minutes are allocated for three subjects. Retake complex testing is not allowed. Those who do not get a threshold score, as well as those who do not appear without good reasons for testing, are not allowed to further testing.

5.9 A person who disagrees with the results of the entrance examinations must appeal. The appeal application is submitted to the appeal committee before 13.00 hours of the next day after the announcement the  results of the entrance exams and is considered by the appeal committee with the participation of the applicant within one working day from the date of application. The order of enrollment of students in the Innovative technical college of Almaty

5.10 The enrollment for training is carried out on the applications of citizens on a competitive basis. The conditions of the competition should guarantee the observance of the rights to education and ensure the enrollment of citizens most capable and prepared to master the educational curriculum of the college.

5.11 The enrollment of students in the college is carried out on a competitive basis for full-time education from August 25 to August 31, for part-time education from September 15 to September 30 of the calendar year.

5.12 The competition is held on the basis of points, with the transfer to the assessment, obtained in the form of testing conducted by the college;

5.13 Persons who have scored points are not allowed to participate in the competition for admission to students:

1) less than 20 points from two subjects, for those with basic general education, in the specialties of economics less than 25 points;

2) less than 30 points from three subjects, for those with general secondary education, in the specialties of economics less than 35 points.

5.14 In case of equal points, the translation on estimation, when the competition for the enrollment of the students in the state of educational order a preemptive right (with the confirmation documents) are orphans and children left without parental care, disabled groups I and II, persons equal in privileges and guarantees to participants of war and disabled veterans, persons disabled since childhood, disabled children, which according to the medico-social examination not contraindicated training in appropriate educational organizations, and individuals, having documents on education (certificates, certificates, diplomas) with honors. During the competition for admission, the sum of points from two subjects shall be taken into account, with the transfer to the assessment, according to paragraph 13 (2) of the model rules.

5.15 In case of identical points not concerning the persons provided in point 6.5 at carrying out competition for enrollment in structure trained under the state educational order the persons with a high score of the certificate of the basic secondary education have the preferential right.

5.16 Enrollment in the College is made at an open meeting of the admissions committee separately by specialty;

5.17 The decision of the selection committee is adopted by a majority of votes in the presence of at least 4/5 of the composition. The meeting of the selection committee is made out by the protocol, which indicates the basis of enrollment in the competition, and is signed by the chairman and technical secretary of the selection committee;

5.18 On the basis of the decision of the selection committee the director of the college issues an order on enrollment in the number of students;

5.19 Lists of enrolled are posted for general information

5.20 The persons who has not passed on competition, certificates on the passed examinations for participation in competition in other educational institutions are issued at their request.