Department: Mechanization of Agriculture

The aim of the department is to identify quality

  1. By improving the theoretical and methodological knowledge of the teacher, bring the following indicators to a new level: achievement by 100%, quality by 92% and average score by 4.3.
  2. Raise the skills of teachers
  3. Acceptance of participation in republican seminars, conferences and competitions
  4. 3. Prepare students to participate in conferences, seminars and TIPO competitions

Wide use of innovative technologies in the learning process

With the members of the department to make up 8 methodical developments

To provide practical training with all necessary equipment and raw materials to form professional skills

Keeping in touch with social partners, to provide the practice of teachers of the department, to raise the system of education on modular and dual technology, through workshops, seminars, round tables.

  1. to organize professional development courses.

-Take up 14 open lessons (8 in the first half of the year, 6 in the second half).

-Prepare a report for patching (1 teacher)

-Attestation (1 teacher)

-Courses of professional development (2 teachers)

  1. Give students high economic education

Use of experience in professional skills development for teaching special subjects

Providing information about entrepreneurs

Promoting and analyzing the President’s message

Active participation in sports, social and educational events.

Preparing students to take part in the championship Worldskills, Agroskills.

Taking part in “The Best Curator”, “The Best room”, “The Best Department” competitions.

The College has done a lot of work to modernize the educational process, as well as improved work in the scientific and methodological direction. One of the important objectives in training professional staff is to improve the skills of teachers. Taking into account these needs, managing the educational process, educating students in the spirit of culture, in the ability to evaluate the work done, in the ability to use modern methods in the work, as well as a number of other areas were the reasons for a decade from 5 to 9 November 2019 on the theme: “Professional experience in training highly qualified personnel. The decade was rated “excellent” by

  1. Ospanova, a college methodologist.

To influence the development of students’ personality and self-realization

Take an active part in events held by the college

Participate in the charities actions, hold round tables, debates, master classes, flash mobs.

Using advanced technology, send 2 teachers to the “Young Teacher’s School” for training.

Holding classes at the “young teacher school” (4 teachers)

Introduction of the Decade of Higher Education for 2019 from 4 to 8 November on the theme: “Basic education and professional skills”.

Student of M-171 group Shynybek Nurbakh, took part in the international championship Worldskills in the field of “Mechanization of Agriculture”, which was  in Shymkent in 2018 and took 1st place. On behalf of the director of the methodical department of education of South Kazakhstan region was awarded the diploma “Worldskills Kazakhatan – Zhyl Sheberi 2018”. He received a referral for participation in the national championship.

At the international scientific conference held by SKSU named after M. Auezov on the theme: “Labelling products and agricultural cooperation in the megacities of Kazakhstan. Problems, achievements and results”. students of the college participated and were awarded with prizes: Semey A. and Satybaldy K., (1st place), Tynysbek A., Omirzak E., Turlybay A., Nazymbet T (2nd place).