Championship passed

NUR-SULTAN CITY OPEN CHAMPION ON ZHAIDARMAN GAMES ORGANIZED BY THE REPUBLICAN YOUTH PUBLIC ASSOCIATION OF THE KVN UNION OF KAZAKHSTAN. Young people from all over the country showed their skills and were sent to different leagues, depending on their level. Selected from 256 teams, the team of Turkestan Higher Multidisciplinary Agrarian College “AgroNews” under the […]

“My family is a place of happiness”

“My family is a place of happiness” Leaders of groups Bt-191, Bt9-191 in Turkestan Higher Multidisciplinary Agrarian College, E. Турлыбаева, Е. Seitzhapparov held a group hour on “My family is my happy home.” The purpose of the group hour: to explain the special role of parents in the upbringing of children; Explain that the first […]

Book exhibition held

In the library of Turkestan Higher Multidisciplinary Agrarian College “Kazakhstan – for a world without nuclear weapons” book exhibition The exhibition was attended by first-year students. The exhibition is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the independent Kazakh state as a nuclear-weapon-free state An exhibition of the values was presented. For students, Kazakhstan is nuclear […]

Debate Club

Debate Club Debate Club has been working in Turkestan Multidisciplinary, Higher Agrarian College since 2015. The members of the Debate Club are students of all courses. An annual plan is developed and implemented. The club has 33 members. Our responsible teachers are N. Naimanbayeva and A. Kudyarov. According to the plan for the 2020-2021 academic […]

Video lesson

VIDEO LESSON As part of the week “Trilingualism – the basis of professional competence” of the department “Languages” Abdirova Gulzhan: Yu.

Congratulations on Symbols Day!

The state symbols – the Flag, the Emblem and the Anthem – represent the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the world and are a vivid illustration of the continuity between the past, present and future of our state. Symbols are also valuable symbols that convey the cunning spirit, heroism and wisdom […]


WE INVITE CANDIDATES TO STUDY ! Specialty: 05220200 – “Protection and rational use of natural resources” (by industry) Qualifications: 4S05220202 – “On subsoil protection and use technician » Specialty description Full-time study period: 4S05220202 – “Subsoil protection and use technician” – on the basis of basic secondary education – 3 years 10 months; – on […]