Passed psychological training

Passed psychological training “I love life, I bow my head before you!” With the participation of students of the group TK9-211 of the Turkestan Higher Agrarian College “I love life, I bow my head to you! I passed a psychological training. The purpose of the training: Prevention of self-destructive behavior among young people and adolescents. […]

There was a practical lesson

There was a practical lesson  Abildaeva Madina Temirbekkyzy, teacher of the High Turkistan multigeneration, Agrarian College “Organization of production at food enterprises”, specialty KM 14 – Contingent service module in all types of food enterprises, an open practical lesson was delayed. In an open lesson, students were taught various methods. 

Biohumus and biocompost preparation technology

Biohumus and biocompost preparation technology        Students of the Turkestan Higher Multicultural, Agrarian College “Agronomics” are mastering the technology of manufacturing large black cattle with the aim of “Preparation of biohumus and biocomposite” in the training college base. 

Surgery methods

Surgery methods        Turkestan Higher Multicultural Agrarian College “Veterinary” develops livestock work methods based on social partners in production research according to the learning trend. 

“Day open” passed

“Day open” passed        An open day was held at the Turkestan Multidisciplinary Agricultural College. Teachers and parents of secondary school No74 took part in an event organized for professional orientation of school graduates to the right choice of profession. About the professions that need to be studied in college, graduates were told […]

Are doing internship

Students of the specialty “Food Organization” of the Turkestan Higher Diversified, Agrarian College do practice on the basis of social partnerships on the basis of an agreement and conditions.

Practical lesson

Students of the Turkestan High Agrarian College “Agronomy” will get acquainted with the opening of the root of the vine, when the training base of the college began to dry up.

First day of fasting

In the annual tradition of Ramadan in the “Student’s House” of the Turkestan Higher Diversified Agrarian College, on the first day of fasting, the director of the college was the first to lay a special table and feed the mouths. The Holy Quran says about Fasting: “Ramadan is the month in which the Quran began […]

Introducing modern technology

Master of industrial education of the Turkestan Higher Diversified Agrarian College Mutaliev Omar introduces the students of “Agronomy” to the technology of growing tomatoes during the internship.

Choosing a profession – thinking about the future

Leaders of groups A9-181, A9-191, KT-211a Sh. Belkhodzhayeva, M. Seidalieva, and S. Mukhamedzhanova held an open group hour for students of Turkestan Higher Multidisciplinary Agrarian College, majoring in “Agronomy” on “Choosing a profession – thinking about the future” . The purpose of the open group hour is to share information about the types of professions, […]