It is important to note that «Extremism and terrorism» is one of the most dangerous problems, which  humanity entered in the XXI century.

The terrorism poses a real threat to the national security of the country: kidnapping, hostage-taking, hijackings, bombings, acts of violence in ethnic and religious conflicts, direct threats to their implementation, etc. Therefore, the problem of countering terrorism and extremism is the task of ensuring security at the state level. Of course, this is the work not only of the state, but also of representatives of civil society.

The prevention of extremism and terrorism depends on the clear position of political parties, public and religious associations, and citizens. In our country, this activity should be seen as a tool to unite the efforts of citizens in strengthening our economic and political potential.

Under the influence of social, political, economic and other factors that are most susceptible to destructive influence, radical views and beliefs are more easily formed in the youth environment. Quite a lot of extremist crimes are committed by minors. So, in order to prevent extremist crime and curb the criminal situation in this area, it is advisable to strengthen the propaganda campaign among young people, including minors, through educational and preventive measures. In the Innovative technical college teenagers are taught the basics of tolerance, in this direction, curatorial hours, friendship lessons, educational programs, seminars are systematically conducted.

Also, in the practice of educational work of the college-instilling knowledge about the traditions and culture of other nationalities, broad knowledge about the ethnic groups of the country. Only joint efforts, the creation of an atmosphere of national harmony, tolerance and mutual understanding, will become a powerful barrier to the development of extremism in society, including among young people.