The honor code of Turkistan higher multiplication, agrarian college’s student

I am a student of Turkistan higher agrarian  college, realizing my responsibility for the implementation the mission of college to train qualified specialists in the country, considering it my duty to maintain and develop the corporate culture of the student community, maintaining the image of the college as a leading educational organization for professional training of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the adoption of this honor code of the student of Turkistan higher agrarian  college  is obliged to strictly follow it.

Article 1

The student of Turkistan higher agrarian  college is obliged to honor the Constitution and comply with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, respect the national culture, history and centuries-old traditions of statehood.

Article 2

The college student should treat with respect any citizen regardless of his origin and nationality, his social status, political, religious or ideological beliefs.

Article 3

The college student should not allow the dissemination of anti-social information aimed at destabilizing in order, should not participate in unauthorized meetings, demonstrations, rallies, pickets, actions and processions, and should not allow actions and deeds that discredit the title and prestige of the college.» In all cases, the college student should be thoughtful about his actions, anticipate their possible consequences.

Article 4

The college student should constantly expand his horizons and deepen his knowledge, sacredly preserve and multiply the best traditions of the college. The student should take care of the prestige, the image of the college, protect its interests, avoid situations that can damage the prestige of the college.»  The student is obliged to know the Charter of the college, its symbols, honor and multiply the traditions of the college.

Article 5

The student’s relationships with other students, teachers, administration, and other college staff should be based on mutual respect and cooperation, tact and correctness, courtesy, and mutual assistance. The status of the college student excludes conduct degrading the honor and dignity of others, various forms of aggression, improper treatment, offensive language and the use of profanity. The college student is obliged to observe subordination in relations with teachers, staff and administration of the college. At the entrance to the audience of representatives of the administration of the college, teachers and staff, he is obliged to greet them standing.

Article 6

The student of «Turkistan higher agrarian  college» in any situation should differ in culture of appearance and culture of communication. In college, it is forbidden to wear hats. In the classroom, the student is obliged to observe the business style of clothing that corresponds to the image of the modern student.

Article 7

The student should be guided by the principles of a healthy lifestyle, which involve the cessation of smoking, alcohol and drugs, reasonable organization of educational and leisure time, physical education and sports.

Article 8

In the premises and on the territory of the college is strictly prohibited drinking alcohol and taking other intoxicating drugs.

Article 10

The college student is obliged to observe the schedule of classes, be punctual and be on time for classes. Late student is allowed to classes only with the permission of the teacher.

Article 11

The student is obliged to attend all classes provided by the schedule of classes in accordance with the curriculum of the acquired specialty. During classes, the student should not allow actions that in any way interfere with the course of classes and create obstacles to the training of others: free movement during classes, conversations, use of mobile communication, etc. The college student is obliged to treat his / her educational activities in good faith, timely performing all types of independent work and control tasks provided for in the curricula.

Article 12

The student is obliged to treat library and information resources of the College with care and respect, to preserve equipment, to maintain cleanliness and order in classrooms, in the dining room, Assembly and sports halls, as well as in technical premises of the college. The college prohibits eating in classrooms, reading rooms and other places not intended for this purpose. The student is obliged to maintain cleanliness throughout the college, to participate in its improvement.

Article 13

The student strives to become a worthy citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a professional in his chosen specialty, to develop the best qualities of a creative personality.

Article 14

The student respects his elders, does not tolerate rudeness towards others and shows sympathy for socially vulnerable people and takes care of them as much as possible.

Article 15

The student is a model of decency, culture and morality, intolerant of immorality and does not tolerate discrimination on the basis of gender, national or religious grounds.

Article 16

The student leads a healthy lifestyle and completely abandons bad habits.

Article 17

The student respects the traditions of the college, protects its property, monitors the cleanliness and order in the college.

Article 18

The student recognizes as necessary and useful any activity aimed at the development of creative activity (scientific, educational, sports, artistic, etc.), to improve the corporate culture and image of the college.

Article 19

Outside the walls, the student always remembers that he is a representative of the IT college and makes every effort not to drop its honor and dignity.

Article 20

The student considers it his duty to fight against all kinds of academic dishonesty, including: cheating and turning to others for help in passing the procedures of knowledge control; to use of family or official ties to obtain a higher score; absenteeism, tardiness and skipping classes without a valid reason.

The student considers all these types of academic dishonesty as incompatible with obtaining a quality and competitive education, a worthy specialist, corresponding to the highest requirements of society and employers.