• psychological and pedagogical support of students and student groups in the educational process, improving psychological security and confidence, the formation of social and adaptive state of students.
  • providing social and psychological conditions that contribute to improving the quality of the educational process in the сollege and aimed at the fullest disclosure of the personal potential of each of its subjects.


  • Prevention problems of development, education and socialization of students; adaptation to educational institution and provision of social and psychological assistance;
  • To create a healthy plan in the field of education with the staff;
  • formation of psychological culture of students, parents and teachers;
  • Strengthening of preventive measures in relation to social phenomena;
  • development of effective technologies and pedagogical support of students;
  • providing psychological support to students with children-orphans, who face a difficult or psychological problems.

Field of activity:

  1. Diagnostic work

Purpose: to determine the mental state of students, to develop their adaptation to life in college.

  1. Corrective development

Purpose: to prevent deviations in students in psychological and personal development.

III. Consulting work

Purpose: to help college staff and students deal with the difficulties encountered in the learning process.

  1. Educational and preventive work

Purpose: prevention of failures in the personal and mental development of students.


  • The college actively operates a «Trust Box» for feedback to students.
  • Helpline contact: