Position about the appeal commission of Turkistan higher agrarian multiplication college for 2020-2021 educational year

  1. Generalities

1.1. This regulation on the appeal commission has been developed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 27, 2007 «About education», on the basis of » Model rules of admission to training in educational organizations that implement professional training programs of technical and professional education «, Order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 18, 2018 № 578.

1.2. The personal composition of the appeal commission is approved by the order of the director of college and its chairman is determined.

1.3. The commission carries out work during the period of entrance testing at the college.

1.4. A control over the activities of members of the appeals commission carried out by the chairman of the selection committee.

  1. Composition of the appeals сommission

2.1. The commission consists of at least two people on one subject: the chairmen of the cycle methodical commissions and teachers of general education disciplines. The work of the appeal commission is headed by the chairman of the appeal commission, who organizes it in the prescribed order.

  1. Powers and functions of the appeals commission

3.1. The appeal commission is created to ensure compliance with uniform requirements and resolve disputes in the assessment of examination papers during the entrance test and protect the rights of applicants to the college.

3.2. The main functions of the commission are:

  • to accept and consider appeals of applicants entering to the college;
  • to establish compliance of the exposed points with the accepted requirements of assessment of works on this entrance testing;
  • to make a decision on the compliance of the points or on the issuance of another assessment (both in the case of its increase and decrease);
  • to draw up a protocol on the decision and bring it to the attention of the incoming (under the signature);

3.3. In order to perform its functions, the commission has the right to consider the materials of the entrance test, as well as the protocols of the results of checking answers of applicants, on compliance with the procedure for its conduct.

  1. Organization of work of the appeal commission

4.1. The work of the commission is headed by chairman of the appeal commission, in his absence the deputy chairman appointed by order of the director of college.

4.2. Decisions of the appeal commission are taken by the simple majority of votes of the list composition of the commission. In case of equality of votes, the chairman of the commission has a right to vote. Work of the commission is made out by protocols which are signed by the chairman and all members of the commission.

4.3. The commission works on the days of appeals specified in the schedule of entrance testing. The place of appeal is additionally indicated by the selection committee.

5 The order of consideration of the appeals

5.1. Applicants, who participating in the entrance testing conducted by the college have the right to appeal.

5.2. The appeal is the reasoned written statement arriving addressed to the Chairman of the appeal Commission or about violation of procedure of the entrance test which have led to decrease in an assessment, or about error, in his opinion, the exposed points on the entrance test which have led to decrease in an assessment. During the consideration of appeals, only the correctness of the scores and compliance with the order of the entrance test are checked.

5.3. The appeals are not accepted on questions:

  • content and structure of examination tasks;
  • associated with violations of the incoming rules of conduct on the entrance test
  • incorrect filling of forms of the examination papers;
  • related to the violation of the incoming instructions to perform the examination work. The appeals from second persons, including relatives of applicants, are not accepted and are not considered. The reference to the applicant’s state of health is not grounds for appeal and is rejected without consideration. Medical certificate of the disease must be submitted to the admission Committee before the entrance test, and not after its delivery.

5.4. The applicant, who does not agree with the score obtained at the entrance test, submits a written appeal to the chairman of the appeal commission through the technical secretary of the admission committee, which is registered in the register of appeals.

5.5. Terms of reception of the appeal are established according to standard rules of reception on training in the organizations of education, realizing educational programs of technical and professional education, that approved by the order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan from October 18, 2018 № 578.

5.6. The appeal is submitted to applicants in person until 13.00 hours of the next day after the announcement of the results of the entrance exams. In this case, the applicant has the right to familiarize themselves with their examination work in the manner prescribed by the College. The repeated appeal, for the arriving who were not on it in the specified term, isn’t appointed and isn’t carried out.

5.7. The applicant has the right to be present at consideration of the appeal. If he is a minor (under 18 years) and is not recognized in accordance with the legislation fully capable before reaching adulthood, one of his parents (or legal representatives) has the right to be present at the hearing of the appeal. The specified persons shall have at themselves the documents proving their identity.

5.8. Consideration of the appeal is not a re-examination. Corrections in works are not allowed. When considering an appeal for a written exam, the re-examination of the applicant’s written work is carried out.

5.9. Based on the results of consideration of the appeal, study and analysis of the content of the examination work, the appeal Commission makes a decision:

  • about refusal in satisfaction of the appeal and leaving of points without change;
  • about satisfaction of the appeal and change of examination points.

5.10. Decisions of the commission are made out by protocols, if necessary, changes are made to the scores in the exam applicants and exam sheet. If there is a disagreement in the appeals commission about the set points, a vote is held, and the score (points) is approved by a majority of votes.

5.11. The decision of the appeal commission issued by the protocol is brought to the attention of the applicant (under the signature) and stored in the personal file as a document of strict accountability.

5.12. The decision of the appeal commission is final and is not subject to revision.

5.13. Protocols of the commission together with applications for appeal, examination sheets and answer sheets are transferred to the selection committee.