Documents required for applicants on the day of testing:

  • Identity document and permission (birth certificate, identity card). In the absence of the necessary documents, the applicant is not allowed to be tested;
  • You will be given a blue ink pen from college and you will need to bring a pencil and eraser.

During the exam, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • Extra items, reference books, baby cots;
  • Availability and use of mobile phones, smart watches, headphones, calculators and other means of
  • Communication, electronic computers;
  • Take a drink with you;
  • Leave answers uncolored (no marks);
  • Intentionally harassing / yelling at other applicants;
  • Use corrective fluids (corrector, putty);
  • Intentional damage to the answer sheet;
  • Move;
  • Distribute materials, damage, tear, remove, wrinkle and photograph;
  • Talking without the examiner’s permission, helping other applicants, getting up;
  • Exchange versions of test books and answer sheets;
  • Leave them answer sheets, drafts, audit trails (examination material must be handed over to the examiner);
  • Leave with you test booklets, answer sheets (examination materials must be handed over to the examiner));
  • Leave the classroom during testing (only accompanied by the teacher on duty for health reasons).

Clothing requirements during the exam:

In the classic style – white top and black bottom.

In case of dissatisfaction with the results of the exam, the appeal will be accepted until 13:00 the next day!

The Commission considers only the issue specified in the appeal, other issues are not considered!

Applicants who fail to comply with the requirements will be excluded from the class and will be deemed to have failed the entrance exam.

Admissions office: 8 (7252) 55-40-69