“Thanksgiving” holiday

Giving and giving thanks is a tradition that proves the strength of our psychology. Akhmet Baitursynov said: Blessings are words that can be said when you thank someone. He did not thank the Kazakh people for any prosperous work, peace, and did not run away from thanksgiving. Gratitude makes a person happy. The more we […]

Patriotic lesson

In the Turkestan Higher Agrarian College, a patriotic lesson was held on the theme of ” Young wings The purpose of the lesson: to strengthen the love of adolescents for their homeland, to provide patriotic education. Formation of feelings of responsibility for the Motherland. Continuation of national, military and labor traditions of Kazakhstans.    

Quest game “AntiParaCraft”

As stated in letter No.17 / 1-5-589 of the Department of Anti-Corruption Agricultural Development of the Turkestan Region, Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Turkestan Region Sandugash and Leader of the Honest Committee on Countering Corruption and Khudal Pen ′ ′ The student summed up the results of 10 days of the quest […]


In the Turkestan Higher Agrarian College in an online format, a secret interview was held on the topic of ” Raising the owner by raising a son according to the plan ” Father’s School ”. The purpose of the event is to focus on the close and hot relationship between the child and the father. […]

Intellectual game

For the formation of the values of honesty and decency in the younger generation, an intellectual game was held at the Turkestan Higher Agricultural College ” Do not think, think and pretend to know more ”.

Educational hour

An educational hour was held at the Turkestan Higher Agrarian College on the topic ” Types of violence and its impact on child psychology ” The purpose of the training hours is to give educators a sense of violence, explaining that this is a huge blow to the human soul and body, and to tell […]

The best teacher-2020

The 8th teacher of technical and vocational education took part in the competition “The best teacher 2020”. The winner of the competition “The best teacher 2020” On October 30 in Turkestan was a ceremony of awarding the winners of the second stage of the competition “The best teacher 2020”. The event was attended by Deputy […]

Explanatory work

Recommendations for parents of students on alimony and psychological assistance N. Beipenova, a pedagogical psychologist of the Turkestan Higher Agrarian College, left slides and videos on the topic ” Proposals to parents of all educational groups of the college in order to psychologically empower parents in a pandemic situation, leaving slides and videos on the […]

Round table

In the dormitory of the Turkestan Higher Agrarian College, organized by a social pedagogue-psychologist N. Beipenova and nurse F. Nebesaeva, with the purpose of forming in the growing generation the attitude to a healthy image of life “The basis of life – a healthy future!” passed a round table on this topic. The purpose of […]

The best of the year – 2020

BILIM-ORKENIETI NATIONAL INNOVATIVE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CENTER President Nursultan Nazarbayev Kani Kulsara Kurbanovna, a teacher of Turkestan Higher Agrarian College, took part in the republican competition “The best author’s program of the year 2020” to promote Nazarbayev’s program article “FOCUS ON THE FUTURE: SPIRITUAL REVIVAL” among teachers and was awarded a DIPLOMA of I degree.