Department General subjects

“Department of General subjects” was founded in 2019 year as a new union department. At department take lessons of general subjects for all specialties, like chemistry and it sectors, biology, maths, computer science. All of teachers well qualified. 13 teachers have been working for preparing specialists, 6 of them master of pedagogical science, Sandugash Zhaqyp and Murat Tanqybayev have the highest category. Sh.Ratanova, Zh.Nebesayeva, Zh.Tulepbergenova have the first category, F.Altayeva, Zh.Zhasuzaqova, A.Ushahbayeva, M.Torekhan, M.Yerbotayeva have the second category, Zh.Qazybekov have no category. Zh.Zhasuzaqova, M.Yerbotayeva and M.Torekhan participated to “The best young specialist – 2018” subject Olympiad organized by technical and vocational educational organizations of Turkistan region and got II and III places. At September of 2019 programmer of department Y.Serikbayev participated to subject Olympiad between teachers and got I place.

Students M.Amir and R.Kamilzhanova participated to regional scientific and practical conference and got II and III places, under the guidance of teachers Zh.Tulepbergenova, Zh.Nebesayeva organized by scientific methodical center, education department of Shymkent city, Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Republic and by the South Kazakhstan multidisciplinary college. S.Zhaqyp and Zh.Nebesayeva were awarded with diplomas of Turkistan region maslikhat. In 2018-2019 educational year’s 7 teachers took an international refresher course. In order to ensure the educational process, department equipped with necessary equipment for doing practical, scientific and research jobs. 9 equipped auditories and laboratories are placed at college. At 2018-2019 education year chemistry and biology laboratories equipped with new equipment.

At 2018-2019 education year teachers of department wrote and published more than 4 manuals and printed more than 40 scientific articles on international, republic and regional publications. All Events that were at department week are published on “Bilimdi el” site. At 26-30 October 2018 department week named “Using information and communication technology on teaching Chemistry and biology” was at high level.


Full nameEducationGraduated place, specialty, year


CategoryYear of courses
1Fatima Altayeva Abutalipovna


higherShymkent University, “Biology” 2009, TIHU “Chemistry” 2012


2Zhazira Zhasuzaqova TurlybekovnahigherWPU «Chemistry» 2014ІІ2018
3Zhanbolat Qazybekov BurkitbayulyhigherMiras University Мирас университеті «Chemistry» 20162018
4Zhadyra Nebesayeva LesbekovnahigherKazakh-Turkish University named by Q.A.Yassauy, “Chemistry-Biology” 2008,  Shymkent University “Agronomy”І2018
5Zhanna Tulepbergenova Nurlykhanovna



higherKazakh-Arab University “Chemistry and Biology” 2008І2018
6Sholpan Ratanova AdilkhanovnahigherSouth Kazakhstan Pedagogy University “Computer Science”, Miras University master of “Natural Science”І
7Aygul Ushahbayeva OshanbayevahigherM.Auezov South Kazakhstan state university “Physics and computer science”, Shymkent University master of  “Pedagogy and phychology”ІІ
8Moldir Torekhan NurzhigitqyzyhigherSouth Kazakhstan pedagogy university “Maths”


9Moldir Yerbotayeva SaparqyzyhigherKazakh-Turkish University named by Q.A.Yassauy “Computer science”ІІ2019
10Murat Tanqybayev AbdybayevichhigherKazakh-Turkish University named by Q.A.Yassauy  “Maths and computer science”higher
11Sandugash Jaqyp DuysenbayqyzyhigherKazakh-Turkish University named by Q.A.Yassauy “Physics and computer science”  Social-innovation regional university “Pedagogy and psychology”higher2018
12Yersultan Serikbayev NurlybekulyhigherAl-Faraby Kazakh National University “Information systems” 2015, master of “Information systems” 2017II2019