Department “Food production technology”

Department “Food production technology”

The main task of the teachers of the department is to improve the quality of education, the introduction of new technologies into theeducational process, develop the creative potential of a future specialist, educate a conscious citizen who has absorbed national values, promote the formation a competitive specialist bringstudent closer to achievements of world and domestic culture, stimulate interest in studying history, customs and traditions of the Kazakh and other nationalities.

As part of a cultural project “Ushtugyrlytil”, measures are being taken aimed at answering students learn deeply the state, Russian and English languages, respect for national traditions and state symbols, fostering patriotism, the formation of  students’ personal qualities on the basis of universal human values.

The Creation of effective conditions for the development of the professional personality of a competitive graduate is one of the urgent problems facing   teachers of the department.

Specialties of the department:

1226000-Technology and organization of food production;

Qualification: 1226052 – “Manufacturer of semi-finished products”.

1226092 – “Cook of the food industry”


0508000 – “Organizational nutrition”

Qualification: 0508012-Cook”.

0508022 – ” Confectioner”

0508042 – “Waiter.”

0508063- “Managertechnologist ”

Speciality: 1222000 – “Production of canned food and food concentrates” (on branches);

Qualification: 1222022 – “cooking machine”.

1222032 – “Machine operator.”

1222052- “Filling machinesoperator”

Speciality: 12240000- “Dairy production” (by branches);

Qualification: 1224052-master for the production of whole milk and dairy products”.

1224062 – “operator of automatic lines in dairy production”.

At the department” Food productiontechnology ” works 22 teachers.

The lecturers of the highest categories: Ramankulova K, Salybekova S, Ospanova N,

Nyshanbai K.

Teachers of the first category: MustapayevaSh, Akmyrza K.

Teachers of the second category: NurlaevaZh, Tanisheva M, Akhmetova G, Usbayeva N, Maulenova S.

Teachers: Utegenova N, Abildaeva M, Eskulova Z, Turgara Z, Baymyrzaeva Z, Myrzakhmetova A, Kurmangalieva K, Kamalova A, Zhienbekov S, Kuntugan Z, Hamit E.

Masters: Nyshanbai K., Usserbayeva N., Turgara J., Kurmangalieva K., Maulenov A., Myrzakhmetova A., Kamalova A., Zhienbekov S., KuntuganZh.