Department «General Veterinary Disciplines»

Department «General Veterinary Disciplines»

The right to secondary vocational education in the specialty of SES RK 4.05. 059-2009 by the Order of the Department for control in the field of education of the South Kazakhstan region No. 744 of the Committee for control in the field of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 10, 2012, state license No. 011 without restrictions. The duration of training in the specialty 1513000 “Veterinary medicine” is 9 years on the basis of 9 classes on the basis of 11 classes, on the basis of 11 classes – 2 years and 10 months. Training is conducted in person, on the basis of a state order and the Employment 2020 program.

Educational and methodical work

Educational work in the specialty is based on:

  • general educational standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Work curriculum
  • Typical and work programs
  • Schedule of the educational process

Typical curricula for new standards of compulsory education, working curricula related to new standards developed and approved at a meeting of the Methodological Council of August 28, 2019. Classes are held according to the thematic plan, the duration of 1 double lesson is 90 minutes.

HR analysis

1513000 «Veterinary medicine» is fully equipped. At the department «General Veterinary Disciplines»

There are 16 teachers

All teachers have higher education.

Candidates of Science – 2

Master – 1

The highest category of teachers – 1

First category teachers -1

Second category teachers – 9

Uncategorized -2

Examination sheets are completed on time and carefully. The following issues are usually considered and implemented:

  • Planning – thematic plans;
  • Work plan for classrooms;
  • Work plan of the circle;
  • Examination ticket;
  • training and dissemination of educational, production and undergraduate technologies;
  • The result of intermediate and final certification of students.

For independent work of students, teachers developed guidelines for practical, term papers and projects, homework. Scientific, methodological, educational and methodical work in the specialty is carried out in accordance with the annual college plan, approved at the beginning of the school year. In the last academic year, subject teachers took advanced training courses at the Center for Advanced Studies and Retraining.

Department of Veterinary General Professional Disciplines for the 2019-2020 academic year

Teacher`s namesAcademic subjectCategory
1.Abutalipov M.Microbiology of EpidemiologySecond
2.Amanova G.Microbiology of EpidemiologyFirst
3.Askar A.Obstetric gynecology and reproduction biotechnologyHigh
4.Askarova N.Diagnosis of sick animals
5.Bozhbanov B.Obstetric gynecology and reproduction biotechnology
6.Erkinova A.Pet Hygiene and Veterinary Sanitation
7.Yelu T.Cytology, embryology, histology
8.Kalibekova B.Diagnosis of sick animalsSecond
9.Kamardinuly A.Anatomy and physiology of animalsSecond
10.Kazybaeva A.Genetics
11.Kurbanova G.Fundamentals of PharmacologySecond
12.Myrzabaeva D.Invasive diagnosis of animals and birdsSecond
13.Myrzakulov N.Invasive diagnosis of animals and birdsFirst
14.Tilepbergenov D.Livestock Biotechnology
15.Tolybay M.First aid to animalsSecond
16.Khozhamzharov O.Livestock