College history

The college was founded in 1972 in accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR by order of the Ministry of Agriculture on the basis of the South Kazakhstan State Agricultural Experimental Station and was called «Shymkent State Farm Technical College.»

From 1996 to 2003, it was called «Shymkent Agricultural College». In 2003, on the basis of the Decree of the Akimat of the South Kazakhstan Region No. 121 of March 14, it was renamed the «Shymkent  AgrarianCollege.» 09.09.2003, the state license of the AA series No. 009897 was issued for the right to conduct educational activities in the field of secondary vocational education for an unlimited period.

In the first year, two specialties were opened: «Mechanization of Agriculture», «Electrification of Agriculture», and in 1976 – «Agronomy». Since that year, the educational and material base of the educational institution has been strengthened and staffed by qualified teaching staff. The number of students has reached 122.

In 1987 was opened specialty 0705 – “Technologist-organizer”, the number of students exceeded 1500.

In 1990, work was carried out to accept applicants to paid groups in the specialties: 0705002- “Economics, Accounting and Control”, 4238- “Storage and Processing of Vegetables and Fruits”.

Since 1992, all academic work in the college has been translated into Kazakh. The team members were involved in this work, all office work and equipment of classrooms, laboratories were timely translated into the state language. Already in the first year, college teachers were awarded in the competition among secondary special educational institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture on the theme «The role of Kazakh national art in educating young people.» In 1993, was opened specialty 4323- “Technology for the production of yeast and winemaking”.

In 2000, students were accepted in the specialties: 1601- “Standardization, Certification and Quality Control of Products” and 0704- “Tax Case”.

The draft law «About the Land» was hotly discussed in the media, in parliament, and in accordance with the increasing importance of land as an influential category of a market economy, in 2002 were issued licenses for the specialty 4405 –“Land Management”

The college educational institution consists of specially constructed four-story educational buildings, sports and assembly halls, dormitories, summer sports fields, training workshops, a race track, experimental fields, a canteen and facilities for storing equipment.

From 1997 to 2003 it was called «Shymkent Agricultural College».

2003-2019 It was called “Shymkent Agrarian College”, in February 2019the college received a high status and was renamed the “Turkestan Higher Agrarian College”.

In the history of the college, leaders, teachers, who made a huge contribution to its development, left an indelible mark on the college history.

College directors

In Turkestan Higher Agrarian College worked many employees worthy and respected among the population and have extensive experience.

Among them, at the first steps of the college leadership were the USSR State Prize laureate, two Heroes of Socialist Labor.

  1. 1972-1973 years Orynkozha Esaliev, Honored Livestock Engineer of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Soviet Union, author of the fine-fleece sheep of the South Kazakhstan merino, candidate of agricultural sciences. Given the need to train young specialists with secondary education in agriculture, in 1972 was opened the Chimkent State Farm College.
  2. 1973-1987. Hero of Socialist Labor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Agricultural Academy, Academician Asanov Kasym Abuovich.

From 1973 to 1987, working as the director of the Shymkent state farm technical school, he played a big role in strengthening the material and technical base of the institution, in organizing and developing scientific production, in applying advanced technologies, in organizing the dendrological park and made a huge contribution to its development. The Shymkent state farm technical school at that time was popularly called the “Asanov Academy”.

3.1987-1995Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, candidate of economic sciences Boranbek Shukirbekov. Head of the agricultural department of SKO, first deputy chairman of the newly created regional committee of the agro-industrial complex, after the reorganization of the agricultural department, deputy for scientific work of the department, director of the Shymkent regional experimental station, general director of the Shymkent Research and Production Association.

4.1995-1996 Youth Prize Laureate, Doctor of Economics, Corresponding Member of the Kazakh National Academy of Sciences, Academician Azimkhan Satybaldin.

5.1996-1997 agronomist, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor with experience in senior positions and with high organizational ability, Serbek Ordabekovich Turbekov.

6.1997 mechanical engineer, awarded the medal «Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan», Salimbayuly Akhmetov.

7.1997-2003 Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Seitzhanov Kerimzhan Seitzhanovich. Since 1991, a heating system has been installed in the educational building and dormitory, where there was no heating. 2 laboratories, 1 computer class, 1 language laboratory, nursery of sacred tree seedlings were created. Kerimzhan Seitzhanovich is the author of more than 80 scientific and methodological works. Excellent student of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

8.2003 scientist-agronomist, candidate of economic sciences Serkebay Yerezhepov. The agricultural sector was separated from the college of the city, which allowed it to work as an independent college. As an agricultural specialist, he contributed to the training of middle-level agricultural specialists. During Serkebay Erezhepov’s reign, the college received the title of «Best College» in the region and became the winner in the region, established itself in the republic.

9.2008 Myrzabak Tuganbaev, a legal pedagogue, Ph.D. (Chemistry), doctor of sciences at Lees-Common Metals University in the USA.

  1. 2009-2010. organizer of machine repair technology, mechanical engineer Umiraliev Alibek Kadenovich.
  2. 2010. zoo engineer, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Tokseitov Madikhan Tulegenovich.
  3. 2012-2017. Honorary citizen of the Maktaaral and Shardara districts, holder of the order «Ermet», holder of several medals and badge «Y. Altynsarin», candidate of agricultural sciences Tolebaev Kenzhekhan Atakulovich.
  4. 2017-2020 headed the “Shymkent”, and later “Turkestan Higher Agrarian College”, Master of Education in Science, Bekbergenova Gaukhar Alpysbaevna.

At the same time, the doctor of agricultural sciences D. Sydyk, candidates of agricultural sciences G. Sultanov, B. Bozhbanov, O. Khozhamzharov, A. Kazybaeva, B. Isabekov, A. Akhmetchiev and awarded the Y medal work at the college. Altynsarina E. Altynbekov, A. Askar, R. Aitkul, O. Khojamzharov, S. Zhakyp. Together with students, are engaged in scientific and creative work, participate in scientific and practical conferences and seminars at the republican and regional levels, and show good results.